About the publication

Creative writing and art inspired by tarot. Stories that weave together psychology, mythology, and spirituality. A community of multidimensional thinkers, writers, and artists.

The Rebis is a physical publication and a digital newsletter. Each print issue will focus on one card, where every contributor's interpretation adds layers of richness and depth. The newsletter unpacks broader themes of tarot and the creative process.


About the name

We take our name, The Rebis, from medieval alchemy and the pursuit of the philosopher’s stone. In many ways, alchemists were looking for the spiritual in the material — they hoped to transmute base metals into gold and find a universal elixir for immortality.

The Rebis references the final stage of the process, where substances with opposing qualities are brought together and transformed into something new — an alchemical magnum opus. The name comes from the Latin res bina, meaning double matter.

In 1968, Carl Jung published "Psychology and Alchemy," drawing parallels between the process of alchemical transformation and psychological development.

In this context, The Rebis becomes a metaphor for the harmonious union of opposites: spirit and matter, soul and body, light and shadow.

This concept instinctively felt like a fitting name for a publication devoted to tarot and creativity, to the pursuit of integrating the conscious with the unconscious and finding wholeness within.


A not-for-profit magazine

The Rebis commits to amplifying and centering underrepresented voices, paying artists and writers fairly for their work, and redistributing profits to social justice causes.

"If we can stay with the tension of opposites long enough — sustain it, be true to it — we can sometimes become vessels within which the divine opposites come together and give birth to a new reality."

— Marie-Louise von Franz

Meet the editorial team

Headshot of Hannah Levy

Hannah Levy

Hannah Levy (she/her) is a writer, poet, creative thinker, and founder and editor of The Rebis. In her past lives, she led content marketing and brand strategy for tech companies and did a seven-year stint as the editor-in-chief of music blog Indie Shuffle. When she’s not reading and writing about tarot, she’s horseback riding, walking through the redwoods, stargazing, reading erotic poetry, and playing extensive make-believe games with her daughter. Follow Hannah: @hnnhlvy

A headshot of Xaviera Lopez

Xaviera López

Xaviera López (she/her) is a Chilean artist and animator, and the creative director of The Rebis. Her linear drawings, animations, and short format looping videos incorporate simplified yet highly contextual self-portraits and images that display the meeting place of the material and the ethereal, and challenge perceived delineations between the felt and seen. Follow Xaviera: @xavieralopez