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The third anthology of The Rebis will focus on The Star (XVII). 

We are looking for original writing, artwork, and any other form of creative expression that you dream up inspired by the seventeenth card of the Major Arcana. Submissions do not have to directly address or define the card’s meaning, but should be inspired by your interpretation  we invite writers and artists to take an imaginative, deconstructivist lens with their work. Our readers want to be delighted and surprised, they want to learn something new and discover diverse perspectives. 

Some themes we’ve been contemplating include radical hope, faith, existential resilience, emergent thinking, restorative justice, world re-building, non-duality, spiritual ecology, futurism, ethical technology, and posthumanism. We also encourage contributors to integrate symbolism from related cards, including (but not limited to) Strength, The Tower, and the other celestial bodies.

Writing: We are especially interested in publishing experimental and genre-bending work (creative non-fiction, short stories, or flash fiction). Speculative fiction, personal memoirs, researched articles, and poetry are all welcome, too. Want to interview someone? Want us to publish an excerpt from your upcoming book? We are open to proposals for all types of editorial work. Please pitch non-fiction work as a proposal and submit fiction or poetry as a completed draft.

Artwork: Photography, illustrations, paintings, comics/graphic stories, digital art, and collage art are all welcome. Multimedia work that weaves print + digital into an immersive and/or interactive experience is always cool to see.

We’d love to see pitches incorporating multiple collaborators — art and writing that pair together, dual bylines, an epistolary project, etc.

If you’re unsure whether your concept is right for The Rebis, email us with your ideas and we can try to bring them to life. We love to workshop with contributors! 

Print submission guidelines

• Email submissions@therebis.com.

• Please pitch any non-fiction works as a proposal and submit fiction or poetry as a completed draft.

• Artwork can be pitched as a proposal or completed work. It should have an image resolution of 300 DPI (The Rebis is a full-color publication).

• In the body of your email, please include: a note describing your work, relevant links to your portfolio/website/social media channels, and examples of writing/art that you’re most proud of.

Please submit previously unpublished work. By “unpublished” we mean that it hasn’t appeared in any print or digital publications beyond your own social channels or website.

Please limit written submissions to 2,000 words. If you have a proposal for something longer, let us know. Typically, essays run 800-1200 words.

• Submit your work by April 26, 2024. Contributor decisions will be made the first week of May, and first drafts will be due the first week of June.

A note on AI

There is no replacement for human creativity and imagination. Generative artificial intelligence models that produce derivative work may infringe on artists’ copyright and could constitute theft. However, given The Star’s relationship to Aquarius and the energy of innovation, we are curious to hear from artists and writers who are endeavoring to collaborate with AI tools in ethical ways. Part of The Star’s ethos on world-building includes the use of new technologies in non-exploitative capacities. We are open to considering pitches that incorporate AI in a minor way and will approve proposals on a case-by-case basis. With your proposal, please submit (1) a personal statement with your rationale for collaborating with AI, (2) a detailed explanation of your creative process, and (3) the tools you plan to use. We do not accept work generated exclusively or predominantly from AI.


The Rebis believes in compensating writers and artists for their work. Right now, we can afford to pay each contributor $200 for accepted work for our print publication.


By submitting your work to The Rebis, you agree to grant our publication first serial rights as well as electronic archival rights. If your submission is accepted, you’ll grant The Rebis a license to use the submission on all its assets; however, you’ll retain ownership. By submitting your work, you confirm that your work is original and does not violate copyright laws. Full terms will be sent out in a Contributor Agreement.