Our ethos & mission

Our mission is to build community around tarot and creativity — to make space for poetry and art alongside personal and collective healing. As part of this, the Rebis commits to amplifying and centering underrepresented voices, paying artists and writers fairly for their work, and redistributing profits to social justice causes.

After accounting for operating costs, profits from The Rebis will go to these organizations committed to reparations and reproductive justice: 

  • The Sogorea Te Land Trust, an urban Indigenous women-led land trust that facilitates the return of Indigenous land to Indigenous people
  • The National Network of Abortion Funds, which works with over 80 organizations to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access
  • Liberated Capital, a donor community and funding vehicle aimed at moving untethered resources to Black, Indigenous, and other people-of-color communities for liberation and racial healing

To date we have donated over $2300.

Our intention for The Rebis is to hold space for awe, beauty, joy, and creativity, while also being committed to collective liberation. Thank you for being here and for supporting the publication.

Additional resources

For those interested in learning more about anti-capitalism, anti-racism, and decolonizing tarot, here’s a roundup of people I’ve been following and resources from folks in The Rebis community. If there’s anyone you’re learning from, please send them my way. I’d love to keep adding to the list.

Corinna Rosella, creator the Tarot School for Liberation and host of the podcast rise up! good witch: self care as resistance  

Lane Smith, publisher of the Tarot & Politics Zine

Laura Mae Northrup, author of Radical Healership

Nick Kepley, tarot reader and host of the podcast In Search of Tarot

Diana Rose, astrologer who writes about liberation and healing

Bear Herbert, an anti-capitalist business coach 

Charlie Claire Burgess, creator of the Fifth Spirit Tarot Deck

Kendrick Daye + Justin Henry, creators of Black Queer Tarot

Helen Shewolfe Tseng* + Virgie Tovar, creators of the Body Positivity Tarot class 

Eryn Johnson*, breathwork facilitator and writer who works with people healing from the impacts of dogmatic religion and purity culture. They’re also the host of the incredible Living Open podcast

Sanyu Estelle*, a claircognizant ("clear knowing") soothsayer ("truth teller") that is also known as "The Word Witch" because of her deep love for word origins and word culture. She writes and speaks extensively on these topics.

Maria Minnis*, writer, artist, ritual facilitator, and teacher who wrote a series devoted to anti-racism with the tarot

Jessica Lanyadoo, astrologer, tarot reader, and host of Ghost of a Podcast

Casey Zabala, founder of Modern Witches, which pulled together a Justice & Liberation committee and often hosts workshops featuring educators on this list

*Contributors to the first print edition of The Rebis