The second edition of The Rebis is a deep exploration of The Chariot, and is available to purchase here. 

Every contributor shows up with their own unique ancestry, life experiences, personal stories, and deeply creative spirits. We are honored to have the opportunity to bring everyone together under one roof.

Hannah Levy

Hannah Levy (she/her) is a writer, poet, creative thinker, and founder and editor of The Rebis. Her writing has been published in Variant Literature, Sunday Mornings at the River, Rhizo Magazine, and elsewhere. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s hiking in the redwoods, horseback riding, and playing extensive make-believe games with her daughter. Follow Hannah: @hnnhlvy

A headshot of Xaviera Lopez

Xaviera López

Xaviera López (she/her) is a Chilean artist and animator, and the creative director of The Rebis. Her linear drawings, animations, and short format looping videos incorporate simplified yet highly contextual self-portraits and images that display the meeting place of the material and the ethereal, and challenge perceived delineations between the felt and seen. Follow Xaviera: @xavieralopez

Charlie Claire Burgess

Charlie Claire Burgess (they/them) is the guest editor for The Rebis: The Star. Charlie is a queer and trans-nonbinary writer and artist working at the intersection of tarot, spirituality, and queerness. They are the author of Radical Tarot: Queer the Cards, Liberate Your Practice, and Create the Future and the creator of the Fifth Spirit Tarot and Gay Marseille Tarot decks. Follow Charlie: @the.word.witch

A headshot of Nick Jacobs

Nick Jacobs

Nick Jacobs (he/him) is a designer and producer for The Rebis. He's a tarot reader, mentor, writer, and designer with over 20 years of experience handling and studying the cards. He believes that the tarot creates the space for individuals to reflect on their lives in a meaningful, actionable, and helpful way. Follow Nick: @pageofcupstarot

Polly Lou Adams

Polly Lou Adams (she/her) is a Los Angeles-based writer, illustrator, and cartoonist. You can find her work in the New Yorker online and her Substack, The Poop Scoop, where she shares memoir comics and cartoons on a semi-regular basis. Follow Polly: @pollylouadams

A headshot of Stephanie Adams-Santos

Stephanie Adams-Santos

Stephanie Adams-Santos (she/they): Influenced by a childhood spent between Oregon and Guatemala, the art and writing of Stephanie Adams-Santos delve into the ancestral, primal, and mythological forces that shape inner life. In addition to their literary work, Stephanie has written for television, radio, film, and is illustrating a major arcana tarot deck. Follow Stephanie: @tarot_obscuro

Anna Barouh Davis

Anna Barouh Davis (she/her) is a creative coach/story developer and a writer. She walks alongside artists to support them to find their voice and weave their stories in their chosen mediums. Anna’s writing explores how we navigate the webs of identity and relationship, the dynamic tensions between ourselves and others. 

Kristin Belshaw

Kristin Belshaw (she/her), queer poet, somatic psychotherapist, beloved wife and mother, grew up between mountains and water in the Pacifc Northwest. Deeply attuned to the interconnectedness of all living things, her life and work were imbued with the transformative power of embodiment and a devotion to the vitality of the spirit within the wholeness of nature. Kristin passed from leukemia in San Francisco in late 2023. Her spirit endures within her family and wide community, and entwined among the stars, wild rivers, and the steadfast, life-giving trees.

Isabelle Correa

Isabelle Correa (she/her) is from Washington and lives and writes in Mexico City. Her fiction and poetry can be found in Third Point Press, Pank, and others. Follow Isabelle: @isabellecorreawrites

Josie Defaye

Josephine (Josie) Defaye (she/her) is a writer, educator, and founder of Trans/gressive Writers' Workshop. She has been awarded residencies from Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) and Napa Valley Writers' Conference. She lives in Los Angeles with her human family and their two dogs, Duncan and Lady Macbeth. Find her work in Gulf Stream Magazine, Resurrection Magazine, and on Medium. Follow Josie: @josiedefaye

Clare Edge

Clare Edge (they/she) is an author (and witch) who was raised in the Rockies. Their novels ACCIDENTAL DEMONS and I PUT A SPELL ON YOU are forthcoming from Harper. They have too many degrees, too few cats, and often too much or too little blood sugar. They hold degrees from University of Limerick (MA) and University of Montana (MFA). Clare is also a typewriter poet with Ars Poetica. Follow Clare: @clarewonders

Sue Ann Gleason

Sue Ann Gleason (she/her), author of in the glint of broken glass and Pencil Man, is a poet, educator, and activist. Her poems and essays have appeared in places like The Sunlight Press, Blue Heron Review, 50-Word Stories, and several anthologies including kerning: a space for words and The Wonder of Small Things: Poems of Peace & Renewal. Sue Ann holds inspired writing circles and organizes grassroots efforts, nurturing agents for change in an increasingly complex world. Follow Sue: @SueAnnGleason

Riayn Gray

Lex Hesperus

Lex Hesperus (he/they) is a queer witch and writer. As a votary of the divine spark devoted to reweaving sacred and reciprocal relationship, they help their clients claim sovereignty, weave sacred relationship, and learn to love fate. Their work is spirit-led and historically-informed, with a focus on ancestral healing, queer spiritualities, and Orphism. In their free time, they can be found crafting fiber art, singing bawdy songs, and worshiping Hermes and Dionysus in public forests. Follow Lex: @thelexhesperus

Rikki Horvatic

Rikki Horvatic (she/her/they/them) is an artist, writer and intuitive channel. She uses artwork as a method of cutting through the inner monologue to connect with Spirit. Her art journey began at the beginning of 2022 when she used her creative journal as a world building tool. Her relationship to the tarot and magical knowledge have helped to grow this practice. Follow Rikki: @starmothpress

Eli Lawliet, Ph.D.

Eli Lawliet, Ph.D. (he/him), is the dreamer and weaver of The Gender Doula. In addition to a decade of experience researching trans healthcare, law, policy, and history, he has formal training as a full-spectrum doula, breathwork facilitator, and tarot reader, as well as many years of surviving the world of poverty wages and retail work. Eli has been seeing clients since January of 2020 and has worked with trans folks nationally and internationally in sessions, classes, and workshops. Follow Eli: @thegenderdoula

A headshot of Meg Jones Wall

Meg Jones Wall

Meg Jones Wall (she/they) is a queer, chronically-ill tarot reader, writer, photographer, and the creator of 3am.tarot. Meg's work has appeared in Autostraddle, Astrology Answers, WIRED, Catapult Magazine, Witchology, and more.Finding the Foolis her first book. Follow Meg:@3am.tarot

Tehlor Kay Mejia

A headshot of Emily Knapp

Emily Knapp

Emily Knapp (they/them) is a writer and comedian based in Denver. They’re originally from Chicago, but fled west because they really like seeing the sun in February. Their writing has been featured in ARC Journal, Button Poetry, McSweeney’s, The Belladonna, Slackjaw, Points in Case, and other places on the internet. They can be found in the mountains. Follow Emily: @kuhnaptakesanap 

Jen Kropinak

Jen Kropinak (she/her) is a mother, writer and artist from Pittsburgh, PA. She loves crafting, folk magic, tarot, gardening, 90s nostalgia, and is continuously learning to let things be messy! Currently, Jen is a writer/producer for Jam Roll Studios, a Pittsburgh-based stop-motion animation and video production company. Her past work has been featured in publications at Saint Vincent College, Carlow University and Point Park University. Follow Jen: @momumonsterszine

Elizabeth Marian Charles

Elizabeth Marian Charles (she/her) has published work in “Fiction Southeast,” "The Minnesota Review," “The Woven Tale Press,” "Sunspot Lit” and elsewhere, and is forthcoming in the anthology Barren: An Exploration of the Journey to Parenthood from Demeter Press. She is a graduate of the Arizona State University MFA program and currently lives in Florida, where she is an instructor and Ph.D. student at University of South Florida. Follow Elizabeth: @elizabethmariancharles

Kristin Mathis

Kristin Mathis (she/her) is a poet and translator whose current work on the Orphic Hymns, a collection of ancient Greek poetry originating in the ancient Mediterranean Mystery traditions, aims to provide English readers with access to the hither-to-unexplored esoteric wordplay and meanings of the original text.  An alum of Brown, Princeton, and Columbia, Kristin’s academic background is in Ancient Mediterranean magic and religion. Like the Orphics, she finds meaning and ecstasy in the contemplation of the cosmos, usually from the vantage point of her terrace garden in Brooklyn, where she can occasionally be found reading tarot for herself or family and friends. Follow Kristin: @cosmicspiritauntie

A headshot of KJ Naum

KJ Naum

KJ Naum (they/them) is a writer and artist whose work has appeared in Electric Literature, The Rebis, HuffPost Women and others. They are currently writing a book entitled UNPREDICTABLE: Climate Crisis Wisdom from the Tarot. Find them on Substack as KJ Naum and on Instagram as @naumstrosity

Annika Papke

Annika Papke (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Washington, DC. She uses her art practice to explore pop culture and the unique moment in time we inhabit. Annika has practiced tarot for 5 years now, and her relationship with astrology, the tarot, and spirituality is deeply connected to her life and art practice, where she tries to find magic every day. Follow Annika: @annikapapke

Anjali Prashar-Savoie

Emily Prentice

Emily Prentice (she/her) is an artist and community worker living in unceded Massowommack and Calicuas land in present-day West Virginia. Emily’s artwork delves into the above and below, finding commonalities between the underworld and our human systems. Emily runs an art supply shop and creative space called Mycelium in Elkins, WV. Follow Emily:

Miranda Saake

Miranda Saake (she/her) is a writer, teacher, and mother from Northern California. She began writing as a child, and has never really stopped. Her work is deeply inspired by mythology, tarot, memory, rage, sex, love, and the unending beauty of this more than human world. Follow Miranda: @mirandasaakepoetry

Cecily Sailer

Cecily Sailer (she/her) is a tarot reader, writer, and the creator of Typewriter Tarot, a project that cultivates inspiration, magic, and community for creative spirits. Cecily writes, teaches, and podcasts about the intersections of tarot, magic, and creativity, and she offers support to folks who seek a mystical relationship with creativity, themselves, and the movement of life. Cecily is the author of Tarot for Creative Spirits, an illustrated workbook / playbook filled with journaling prompts for every card in the tarot — to facilitate deeper self-knowledge and embodied connections with tarot archetypes. In previous eras, Cecily earned an MFA in creative writing and worked in creative arts nonprofits. She’s extra Capricorn, and a lover of birds, ghost stories, and every moment spent in nature. Follow Cecily: @typewritertarot

Rebecca Scolnick

Rebecca Scolnick (she/her) is a writer, witch, weirdo, and queer human lady who uses magic and storytelling to support unlearning work and inspire new meaning-making. Her book, The Witch’s Book of Numbers: Enhance Your Magic With Numerology, is out now. In addition to her numerology and magical works, she’s also a writer of queer romantic comedies. Follow Rebecca: @beescolnick

Lane Smith

Lane Smith (they/them) is a transmasculine writer with over 20 years of experience as a tarot reader and as an organizer/activist on the radical Left. Their book 78 Acts of Liberation: Tarot to Transform Our World is out in August 2024 from Sounds True. Lane is the editor of the Tarot & Politics zine and a member of Solidarity Tarot where they live in Baltimore City, Maryland. Follow Lane: @leftlanesmith