"Merkaba" by Kaitlyn Pietras

Artist statement

In pre-Kabbalah Jewish mysticism, the Chariot, or Merkaba, helped mystics ascend to higher realms of consciousness to connect with the divine.  Inspired by Ezekiel’s visions, and partially in response to the destruction of the temple, my depiction of the Chariot in Merkaba is not a physical place, but a spiritual one. It is accessible by those pure enough to be trusted with the teachings associated with the merkaba. I want to inspire the reader to ask themselves: “How can the Chariot help you ascend, or descend, through the layers of your consciousness? How can you cleanse yourself to show up for such a journey?”

About the artist

Kaitlyn Pietras (she/her) is a queer Jewish visual artist and death doula based in Los Angeles. She is the co-founder of PXT Studio and her design work has been seen on stages and in unexpected places across the country as well as internationally. She has a deep love for plants and all things Jewish and magical.