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The Rebis is a print publication celebrating the connection between tarot and creativity. For our first anthology, we invited writers, artists, and tarotists to explore their relationship with The Wheel of Fortune. The result is 60 dazzling pages of original writing and evocative artwork. 

The Wheel is a card of constant change and cyclical time. Of both surrender and liberation, endings and beginnings. A reminder that both expansion and contraction are part of Earth’s natural rhythms. It's a card of infinite possibilities. Within these pages, you'll find dreamwork and alchemical symbolism, urban landscapes and enchanting otherworlds. There are trickster coyotes and burning clocks. Paradoxes and power struggles. An invitation to look beyond “past, present, future” tarot readings and into the fourth dimension. A reminder that dreaming is part of liberation work. And deep reverence for the interconnectedness of all things.


8x10 full-color print publication. 60 pages of essays and poetry, a tarot spread, and artwork— including original watercolor paintings, illustrations, collage art, and a "phygital" two-page spread with a QR code you'll be able to scan for an immersive experience.


Alyssa Polizziunpacks alchemical processes and the archetypal patterns found within the Wheel of Fortune 

Maria Minnistalks about unlocking a more equitable future with imagination

Sarah Ann Winn explains how she learned to embrace synchronicity and how it impacted her writing practice

Helen Shewolfe Tsengreflects on coyotes as a metaphor and mythic symbol for change, adaptation, and resilience

Sanyu Estelleexamines how we're socially conditioned to be averse to change and invites us to look at the Wheel as a card of spatial significance
Kim Rashidiwrites about her creative process, describing creativity as "an energy that exists outside of us and binds us together"

Anthony Perrottadraws on astrological associations with the Wheel to ground us in the present and shares a four-card Wheel of Fortune spread 

Nicolas Brunogives a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of his Somnia Tarot deck

Lorraine Schein, Eryn Johnson, and Joe Chaplain share original poetry inspired by the Wheel

Xaviera Lopez, Valentina Alvarez, and Anne Horelcontributed original artwork

We're a not-for-profit publication.

All profits from the sale of the publication will be distributed equally between three nonprofits committed to reproductive justice and reparations: The Sogorea Te Land Trust; The National Network of Abortion Funds; and Liberated Capital.Learn more here.

The cover for The Rebis: Wheel of Fortune, an anthology of essays, poetry, artwork, and interviews that explore the themes within the Wheel of Fortune tarot archetype. The cover features an organic mandala of various shapes and textures, in an earth-tone color palette.

Wheel of Fortune • Print Edition


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